Rosies Wildflower Co.

Hello, I'm Rosie

I follow the seasons with my flowers and designs and prefer to work by colour palette using what is currently flourishing for the season.


Rosies Wildflowers

A move into a rural property on the outskirts of Tauranga has enabled me to begin growing many of the flowers I love to use in my wedding florals. We have been patiently establishing a wedding venue with fields of wildflowers which flower profusely over the summer, so that I can easily wander and freshly pick the colour palette of my brides’ choice to create the perfect bouquet.

With towering trees planted many years ago along with lush more bushy foliage I am able to pick from the largest branch for an installation to the smallest twig for a tiny buttonhole all while remembering my clients’ brief.

Our property has provided me with not only the luxury of having so much homegrown product I can forage for, but also a large airy workroom where we create the magic. It is a relaxed space that allows us freedom to spread out and gather from our grounds what we can find.

For the weddings that are held here on the property, whether inside in the Atrium or outside by the lily ponds, the lazy river or in the meadow, it is a pleasure and privilege to use what nature has provided here to enhance the spaces that make every wedding unique.

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